Vol 4; Issue 2: AutoCAD Tips and Tricks

Vol 4; Issue 2: AutoCAD Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re working in AutoCAD Civil 3D or any other computer program, there are always little tips and tricks that make the program easier to use, or maybe even more fun. One of the things I have already noticed using Civil 3D are the notifications that pop up after printing or if the drawing has been updated. By default, these notifications stay open until you hit the small “x” in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up. You can change this so they only remain open for a desired amount of time. This can be accessed by clicking on the small arrow, called the “Application Status Bar Menu,” in the lower right hand corner of the screen and selecting “Tray Settings.” In the menu, you have the option to “display until closed,” or “display time.” The “display time” setting gives you the option to display the notifications for anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds.

One command that makes trimming easier is EXTRIM. Using this command, you can select an object, and after selecting the object, choose a side to trim. After doing this, everything on the selected side of the object will be removed. This eliminates the need to select every single line that needs to be trimmed, saving a lot of time.

Another trick that makes the AutoCAD more personalized, (but doesn’t really make it any easier to use) is MTJIGSTRING. This command changes the default “abc” that shows when you create MTEXT. If you type “MTJIGSTRING” (enter) into the command line, it will ask you to “enter new value for MTJIGSTRING.” From there you can enter any personalized message to appear when you create MTEXT.

These tips aren’t anything too special, but they make the AutoCAD a little bit more enjoyable to use. I hope they are helpful.

Zach Thoma

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