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Robert Noyce Foundation

For the last two weeks, Karvakko has hosted Caitlin Keute to shadow in our office to learn more about the STEM field through the Robert Noyce Foundation. Caitlin is currently a student at St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN pursuing her masters in education. Previously, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University Wisconsin – La Crosse where she graduated in 2013.

The Noyce Foundation was created in 1990 to encourage knowledge and interest in math and science and has given countless grants and scholarships across the country.

What was your first impression of the firm? What expectations did you have coming into your shadowing?

My first impression is that everyone in the office is very friendly and welcoming. Also, I didn't have a lot of knowledge of the STEM field, or of what the firm did, so I didn’t have many expectations other than I wanted to learn as much as I could.

What is something new you learned or something that surprised about engineering, architecture or surveying that you didn’t know before your shadowing experience with Karvakko. Which interested you the most?

In general I didn’t realize how many aspects there were to the firm and how much work is put into a project. I only thought about the design aspect of creating new projects, but there is much more to it.

I enjoyed going to look at Gene Dillon Elementary because it was interesting to see how much work is put into the building of a school. I am only in the classroom after the fact, so being able to observe all of the planning and processing that goes into a space that I will spend a lot of time in was cool.

In what way do you think your shadowing experience will help you in your future career as an educator?

If I had not shadowed a business in the STEM field, it would be difficult to give more information to my students down the road. This way, if they have questions or are interested in that field, I have the resources and knowledge to point them in the right direction.

We enjoyed having Caitlin in the office with us and hope that she was able to take away valuable information to pass on to her students. For more information on the Noyce Foundation please visit

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