Putting an End to Distracted Driving

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Putting an End to Distracted Driving

It has been a year since Karvakko rolled out its Distracted Driving Policy. While the policy focuses on cutting out all aspects of distracted driving, our main focus was cell phone use. For KE, the safety of our employees, clients and fellow community members is our top priority. For our employees to do their jobs safety, we wanted them to know that no email, phone call or text was worth it for them to take their eyes off the road. It is very dangerous and in some cases, against the law.

While talking on a cell phone is not breaking the law; texting, Facebook messenger, email, instant message, or any other kind of digital communication is. Even while stopped at a stoplight. If you are on your phone surfing the web, you can get pulled over and ticketed.

Of course, you hear the excuses; “I just looked away for a few seconds.”, “I can text and drive.”, and “It’s not a problem for me.”. However the facts prove, looking at your phone is just as dangerous as driving under the influence. If you are driving at 55 MPH and you look at your phone for 5 seconds, it would be the same as driving the length of a football field without looking at the road. While a common misconception is that teens are the general offenders of their problem, the truth is, adults do it too. 27% of adults have sent or received text messages while driving, and 48% of kids age 12-17 have been in a car while the driver was texting.

It is clear we are living in a technological age. Cell phones are a part of our everyday life. However, no text, email, or instant message is worth a life.

A few tips for driving cell free:
-Develop a habit of turning off your cell phone when you get in your vehicle and turning it back on when you are done driving
-Put your cell phone in your trunk, backseat or glove compartment to avoid temptation
-Record a voicemail greeting telling callers it is not safe to make calls while driving
-Organize your route and schedule to allow time to make and return phone calls from the parking lot of one location before leaving to drive to the next one
-Put your phone on airplane mode
-Download an app on your phone that can either send automatic replies or disables ingoing/outgoing calls and web browsing
-Let your family, friends, co-workers, clients know that you are on the road and will not be able to answer their call, text or email while you are driving

Join our staff and take our pledge! Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone.

Angela Liedke

Office Manager

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