Pi Day 2016

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Pi Day 2016

Before coming to work at Karvakko, I thought 3/14 was just another day. Little did I know that it was a day to celebrate Pi! Yes, there is an actual day to celebrate the mathematic symbol that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The actual number has been calculated to over one trillion digits!

How do we celebrate this day? With pie of course! A few of the KE girls got together for a little baking last night and created some pretty fancy Pi Pies.


This was when we remembered to start taking photos...so here is our blueberry pie before baking!


We wanted to make two pies, so we picked blueberry. Because we were on a time crunch, we used pre-made crusts and filling. We traced the Pi symbol and cut out the shape! Luckily, it held up while baking.


While the blueberry was in the oven, we started on the apple. For this recipe, we used a standard Apple Pie recipe from Betty Crocker.


Already looks delicious!



While the filling was being mixed and poured, we cut out numbers for the crust.


Top of the pie is being set. Before we put the numbers on, we let the pie bake for about 20 minutes, we didn't want our numbers to get all crispy.


We let the Engineer be in charge of placing the Pi numbers in the correct order.


The finished products!! They look fabulous!


Suyi came all the way from Minot, ND to have pie with us. (Okay, he really came for a meeting, but the pie was a bonus!)


Shawn and Cory enjoying a piece of blueberry and apple.


The bakers (L to R), Paige, Kellie, me and Selina.

Happy Pi Day everyone!!

Angela Liedke

Office Manager



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