Karvakko Careers

At Karvakko Engineering we're committed to a culture that helps our employees develop personally and professionally. We know people are essential to our growth and success, so we focus on what is important to our current and future employees.

That is why we offer a challenging and fun working environment, that recognizes and rewards our employees' accomplishments. Training, mentoring, coaching and sharing are all hallmarks of our firms' philosophy. Our focus on people means we offer flexible work arrangements, encourage open communication, and foster a team-oriented environment.

If you're looking for a firm that encourages innovative thinking, puts people at the center of its work, and plans to be around for the long haul, look no further. You can count on Karvakko Engineering.

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Karvakko Engineering and RRA have officially merged into one firm--Karvakko. We’re more than just engineering.