Karvakko. Is it really that hard to pronounce? I’m kidding, it is hard. For the first few weeks of me working here, I still couldn’t get it right. So how are we supposed to expect everyone else to get it right? We don’t – unless you’re Finnish like the Karvakko’s are – we completely understand the struggle to pronounce Karvakko. We understand it so much, we thought it would be entertaining to share with you something to show that you aren’t alone if you can’t pronounce or spell Karvakko.

With technology these days, we are able to see what exact Google searches bring viewers to our website. Kind of creepy, isn’t it? Kellie, our Marketing Manager, has kept an ongoing list of the searches, and they are pretty funny. Names ranging from Kravanco, Karranco, Karvanko, Kavorko, Korvorkian (not to be confused with Kevorkian) – the list goes on! See the end of this post for the full list, I hope you are as entertained by it as we are.

If you can take one thing from this blog post, I hope it is that you now realize that for all of you who have been struggling, you are not alone! Now while you’re reading this, try it again, because practice makes perfect. Even a few of our team members need practice every once in awhile.


Hope this helps! Have a great weekend everyone!

-Paige Tompkins
Business Development Coordinator

  1. Karvako
  2. Kavako
  3. Karvakko
  4. Karavkko
  5. Karvaako
  6. Karvacco
  7. Karvaco
  8. Karvacco
  9. Karvaco
  10. Karvo
  11. Karvko
  12. Karorko
  13. Korvorkian
  14. Kravako
  15. Karkavo
  16. Karveko
  17. Karvakoo
  18. Karranco
  19. Karavakko
  20. Karavkko
  21. Karrvako
  22. Karrvkko
  23. Karvaako
  24. Karvakkio
  25. Karvo
  26. Kavarco
  27. Kavorko
  28. Kerrick
  29. Korvorkian
  30. Kravako
  31. Kravanco

Karvakko Engineering and RRA have officially merged into one firm--Karvakko. We’re more than just engineering.