Introducing Karvakko

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Introducing Karvakko

Well, our big secret is out!

Back in January, we came together as a group at Buena Vista for our annual State of the Company address from Mike. It was on that day that we learned about Karvakko Engineering and RRA becoming one. (Yes, we had been keeping a secret for almost 3 months! It’s so great to finally be able to talk about it!!)

Both of our companies have an established history in the Bemidji area and both are celebrating major milestones this year. RRA is celebrating 30 years and Karvakko Engineering is celebrating 10 years. “On paper 10 years is a while, in reality it goes by in a snap. Our evolution is truly due to the can-do spirit of the staff. As a team we have grown to what we are today, because of a shared interest in making a difference in our communities.” said, Mike. “I am proud of the team we have become over the last 10 years.”

So, what better way to celebrate such major accomplishments, than to merge the two companies and become one? “With the anniversary approaching, it was the perfect time to freshen everything up.” Mike commented. Of course, this decision didn’t come overnight. The past few months have been filled with rebranding meetings, mock ups and more. (But we’ll venture into that in another blog post!) Karvakko will now feature engineering, survey, and landscape architecture.

This coming year will be a big one. “We want the opportunity to share our story with clients and communities of who we are and what we do; and most importantly why we do it.” Said Mike, “When people come to Karvakko, we want them to have an experience they can’t find elsewhere.”
 We hope you are as excited as we are about our big news. We are the same great company with a new look and a slightly different name. After all, we are more than just engineering!

Angela Liedke

Karvakko Engineering and RRA have officially merged into one firm--Karvakko. We’re more than just engineering.