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At Karvakko, we're committed to a culture that helps our employees develop personally and professionally. We know people are essential to our growth and success, so we focus on what is important to our current and future employees. That is why we offer a challenging and fun working environment, that recognizes and rewards our team members’ accomplishments. Training, mentoring, coaching and sharing are all hallmarks of our firms' philosophy. Our focus on people means we offer flexible work options, encourage open communication, and foster a team-oriented environment.

If you're looking for a firm that encourages innovative thinking, puts people at the center of its work, and plans to be around for the long haul, look no further.      

At Karvakko we value our firm's two greatest assets - our clients and our employees. We strive to create a workplace environment that challenges and rewards ambitious, highly-qualified and service-oriented employees. These efforts help us maintain our status of one of the top engineering firms the upper Midwest. 

We offer a competitive compensation program and a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet your professional, personal and family needs.

Staff Testimonials

I feel so much ownership in this firm, and that my day to day tasks really do contribute to our big picture. I’m so proud to tell people where I work, and am excited to share my future here.

The best part about working at Karvakko has to be the atmosphere in the office. Coming to work every day is something I look forward to. The open and inviting environment makes it easy for young professionals, such as myself, to grow.

I have always been a firm believer of teamwork and believe it is crucial to have in order to be successful. The projects that I have been involved with take a lot of work and wouldn't be possible without everyone working together. Every day is a learning opportunity because of the knowledge and skills of the people I work with and I enjoy being a part of the team.

Working at Karvakko has been a refreshing and rewarding experience. Our office is a place of respect, innovation and fun.

I think it is important to enjoy what you do and also the people you work with every day. I really like the balance here of hard working, but fun people.

I enjoy being able to say what sort of projects I feel I can excel at and be passionate about, and my Karvakko friends and coworkers do their best to help and provide opportunities to do so. 

Karvakko has provided me with more opportunities than I can imagine. My motivation and enthusiasm for my career continues to grow every day through my experiences and fellow colleagues. I can’t think of a better place to dive into my career. 

Karvakko Careers

Karvakko Engineering and RRA have officially merged into one firm--Karvakko. We’re more than just engineering.