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About Karvakko

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Mike Karvakko has always been a problem solver. As a growing boy, his mind wandered and wondered. Always asking questions. Always wondering, “Why?”

He found a natural fit, and settled into civil engineering at Michigan Tech University, near his hometown in Michigan’s upper peninsula. As a young engineer he saw a piece missing from other firms. Communication. He fell back on his problem solving skills and approached engineering with a unique communication concept: treating clients and employees as individual people, not just a number or dollar sign. On January 13th, 2006, he opened the doors to Karvakko, built on the foundation of integrity and communication. Like most businesses at that time, there were economic struggles. But with tenacity, Mike clung to the firm’s core values—and we started to blossom.

Our Services

  • Engineering
  • Planning
  • Land Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Environmental
  • Construction
  • Project Delivery
Karvakko Top 50 Companies 2015


Karvakko has cultivated several relationships with complementary firms throughout the country. It is with our experience and relationships that we are able to see your project from concept to completion.

With our energetic staff, Karvakko makes every effort to provide extraordinary engineering, landscape architectural and surveying services while maintaining the utmost professional experience. It is the goal of all employees to improve the quality of life now and for future generations through innovative solutions and fresh ideas.

Karvakko Engineering and RRA have officially merged into one firm--Karvakko. We’re more than just engineering.